Valuable SUPPORT FOR THE DIETARY MANAGEMENT of individuals with hyperphenylalaninemia

  • Food for special medical purposes
  • A blend of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, free from phenylalanine
  • Formula suitable for adults and children over 3 years, with a pleasant citrus flavour


PheLNAA® 3+

PheLNAA® 3+ is a phenylalanine-free mixture of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, indicated for the dietary management of individuals with hyperphenylalaninemia, including phenylketonuria, from 3 years of age.

The nutritional profile of PheLNAA® 3+ is designed to provide valuable support (as an ideal starting point) to the diet set by the Specialist Centre for both adults and children aged three and over.

Of particular importance in the formula of PheLNAA® 3+ is the presence of certain essential elements:

• Microalgal DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)
• Lutein
• Calcium + Vitamin D3

Packaging: powder in sachets. 30 sachets x 25 g, with a pleasant citrus flavour.



Instructions for use: The daily dose of PheLNAA® 3+ should be established by your doctor according to your age, body weight and individual tolerance level to phenylalanine. PheLNAA® 3+ should be taken before or during meals, dissolving the contents of one sachet in about 100 ml of water or another suitable liquid and stirring until completely dispersed.
Once PheLNAA® 3+ is reconstituted, it must be taken immediately.

Important warnings: PheLNAA® 3+ must be used under medical prescription and supervision. It is not suitable for use as a sole source of nutrition. It should not be administered parenterally.
PheLNAA® 3+ may pose a health risk if consumed by individuals with no specific medical condition for which the product is indicated.

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