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Isotonic saline solution

  • Useful for the daily hygiene of the nasal cavities and the nasopharynx
  • Thoroughly cleans, respecting the physiology of the nasal mucosa
  • Formula suitable for adults and children



Linfovir® isowash is a medical device based on isotonic saline solution, consisting of a mechanical system specially designed to clear and sanitise the nasopharyngeal cavity through the nostrils. Useful for the daily hygiene. Linfovir® isowash generates a sanitising jet capable of thoroughly cleaning while respecting the physiology of the nasal mucosa and maintaining the correct hydration.

Packaging: 8 single-dose 60 ml bottles + 1 bellow dispenser with a soft nosepiece

CE medical device. Ministry of Health Authorization of 18/11/2022. Carefully read the warnings and instructions for use.



1 wash per nostril once a day.

  1. Before using the product, blow your nose well.
  2. Open a bottle and pour about half of its content into the dispensing bellow. Then close the bellow with the blue nosepiece, pushing it all the way until it comes into contact with the base of the ferrule.
  3. Rest the dispenser on the nostril, taking care to create a perfect adherence that allows it to be completely closed.
  4. Press the bellow all the way down to dispense the product.
  5. Use the second half of the saline solution to flush through the other nostril.

For complete instructions for use please read the leaflet.

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